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Impulse Buys at the April 2006 Michigan Team 1 launch at Three Oaks

If you fly hobby rockets at organized club launches in Michigan, there's a good chance that Impulse Buys will be right there with you.  We offer a broad range of model and high power rocket motors from Aerotech, Cesaroni, Road Runner, Estes, and Quest at competitive prices.  We also provide hardware rentals.  Remember, when you buy from an on-site vendor you avoid shipping, handling, and HazMat fees!

Impulse Buys plans to attend the following launches:

Feb 17 (Sat) *2018*
Michigan Team-One
Alkay Airport (Clio)
Mar 10 (Sat)
Michiana Rocketry Three Oaks
Apr 14
Michigan Team-One
Alkay Airport (Clio)
Apr 21-22 (Sat-Sun)
Michiana Rocketry Midwest Blast
Three Oaks
Apr 28 (Sat)
SMASH/MMAR Sport Launch/Night Launch
May 19 (Sat)
Michigan Team-One
Alkay Airport (Clio)
May 26-28 (Sat-Mon)
NAR National Sport Launch (NSL)
Geneseo, NY

Alex&friends_lightnings Alex&friends_ShadTech
High Power Hobbits at Three Oaks. Photos by Jay Calvert

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