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Impulse Buys at the April 2006 Michigan Team 1 launch at Three Oaks

If you fly hobby rockets at organized club launches in Michigan, there's a good chance that Impulse Buys will be right there with you.  We offer a broad range of model and high power rocket motors from Aerotech/Quest, Cesaroni, and Estes, at competitive prices.  We also provide hardware rentals.  Remember, when you buy from an on-site vendor you avoid shipping, handling, and HazMat fees!

Impulse Buys plans to attend the following launches:

Jan 7 (Sat) *2023*
Michiana Rocketry
Three Oaks
Jan 26 (Sat)
Michigan Team-1 Birch Run
Feb 11 (Sat) (postponed from Feb 4)
Michiana Rocketry Three Oaks
Feb 25 (Sat) (postponed from Feb 18) Michigan Team-1 Birch Run
Mar 5 (Sun) (postponed from Mar 4) Michiana Rocketry Three Oaks
Mar 25 (Sat) (cancelled) Michigan Team-1 Birch Run
Apr 2 (Sun) (Sat cancelled due to weather)
Michiana Rocketry (Michiana Rocketry Mayhem)
Three Oaks
Apr 8 (Sat) JMRC Hornings 1 (Manchester)
Apr 15 (Sat)
Michigan Team-1 Birch Run?
May 6 (Sat) (postponed from Apr 29)
SMASH/MMAR Sport Launch Muskegon
May 13 (Sat)
JMRC Hornings 1 (Manchester)
May 20 (Sat)
Michigan Team-1 Alkay Airport (Clio)
May 27
SMASH/MMAR Sport Launch Muskegon
June10-11 (Sat-Sun)
Crap Shoot 2023 (SMASH/MMAR/JMRC/HUVARS) Sport Launch
June 17 (Sat)
Michigan Team-1 Alkay Airport (Clio)
June 24 (Sat)
SMASH/MMAR Sport Launch
July 6-9 (Thu-Sun)
Bong, WI
July 15 (Sat)
Michigan Team-1 Alkay Airport (Clio)
July 22 (Sat)
SMASH/MMAR Sport Launch Muskegon

Alex&friends_lightnings Alex&friends_ShadTech
High Power Hobbits at Three Oaks. Photos by Jay Calvert

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